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How to protect your digital privacy in the era of public shaming

The good news is that there are some easy steps you can take to reduce the threat


Every January, I do a digital tune-up, cleaning up my privacy settings, updating my software and generally trying to upgrade my security. This year, the task feels particularly urgent as we face a world with unprecedented threats to our digital safety.


What Could Cause a Wired Smoke Alarm to go off?

Wired smoke alarms are integrated into a building’s electrical system, which means they will go off for different reasons than smoke detectors, which depend solely on battery power. Problems with the house’s electrical system will cause false alarms, but smoke alarms can be connected together, adding greater protection to the occupants of the


7 Home Defense Tips for Seniors

Sadly, seniors tend to be common targets for criminals. They are frequently targeted for scams, fraud, and financial abuse. They are also targeted for burglaries. If you’ve never been the victim of a burglary, great. But that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen to you or a loved one. In fact, it means you’re probably overdue for one.


Biometric Security will Take Cloud Computing to a New Level

Cloud computing is on the rise and is an emerging technology that has the ability to take sets of connection users to the next level. It is one of the most hyped innovation in which resources are paid according to the usage rather than owned. Although cloud computing provides various advantages such as reduced cost, increased throughput and ease of use, o


The Truth about Mobile Access Control

The truth about Mobile Access Control

"Mobile access" refers to using a smartphone to identify a person and allowing that person access to an entrance. Mobile access control is a popular concept that is supported by a growing number of products and technology platforms from a variety of vendors. Smartphone access is a driver for ch


Security, Fire & Building Automation System Integration by Jayandran Mohan



Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) is  a total integrated solution which encompasses BMS for controlling and monitoring HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Electrical Systems, Door Access and Security system based on open system. The integration can b


Securing India's Infrastructure Secures India by Coltraco


Before installing Clean Agent fire suppression systems (used when sprinklers are inappropriate due to damaging enclosure contents) there are regulatory tests which much be undertaken in order to ensure the safety of the building structure and effectiveness of fire suppression.


Fire Suppression System by Vighnaharta

Fires affect thousands of companies each year resulting in injury, lost customer trust and building damage.
By establishing fire prevention it will be helpful to avoid injuries of your employees and visitors, costly damages,
and potential fines to your business.



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