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GSM Based Guard Sleep Monitoring Alarm System

Security is very important aspect to protect the luxurious and more expensive things.  Guards can be used to prevent crime, maintain security,
and assist to people. So, we use to dependent on security guards and the pr


Multi Channel Gas Leak Monitoring System

The Model TC-800 is Micro controller based scanner type Multi Channel compact design for easy wall mounted with decent look with weatherproof polycarbonate IP65 certified enclosure. User friendly  operation,


How to reduce the cost of gas detection with the right solution.

How to reduce the cost of gas detection with the right solution

Competition in the global market place has helped to drive down the cost of gas detection, and means that today’s cus


Smarter Homes Through Slope of Enlightenment to the Plateau of Productivity

Like any other technology, HACS (Home Automation, Control and Security) has evolved over the time to an extent where it is relatively much smarter, easier to use and easier on the users’ pockets. It certainly has a long way

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